Say His Name: Nipsey Hussle

Say his name: Nipsey Hussle. Do you feel that? I bet you’re wondering why you feel so sad; after all, he wasn’t your “real” brother or cousin. I found myself asking that question. How could the death of a man which I’d never met and was newly associated with his music, cause such a DEEP and CRUSHING feeling of depression and sadness? As a mental health counselor with over a decade of treating and diagnosing, I’ve heard and seen many tragic stories. But this! This HURT to the core! Nipsey was ours. As a community we needed him....

Just what EXACTLY does LuLu B. Mean?

Just what EXACTLY does LuLu B. Mean?

Happy Saturday from Shamanda "The CEO" of LuLu B. Inc,


Starting a global ecommerce business was not a random act. This business can be tough and challenging at times but totally worth the effort. Many customers have asked, "What does LULU B. mean?








My life was totally different BEFORE I became the CEO of LuLu B. Inc, Licensed Therapist, Speaker, Executive Producer and Writer. Approximately 10 years ago I was a High School dropout, Teenager Mother of 2, Government Assistance recipient, Domestic Violence survivor, and childhood illness survivor.


Through my personal and...