Ahhh, My First Feature Film (Wounded Healer) is Complete!!!

Heyyy ya'll!!!


I'm super excited to update you on this journey. First, let me pinch myself again. Because of your support, Wounded Healer is complete! That's right. The cast & crew were able to complete an entire 80-page FEATURE FILM in 5-days!! Let's look at what happened...


Funding: We are awaiting the final numbers from accounting, however...altogether production (cast, crew, locations, craft services/food, misc. - hard-drive, PPE for COVID protection, etc.) cost over $16,000! Remember our budget was $13,684...YIKES!! We were definitely OVER-budget with some outstanding costs. But, the footage is complete and we are moving forward.


Post-Production: Sooooo, according to my research...many filmmakers produce their films but get stuck (due to lack of funding) at the post-production aka editing stage. Why?! It's expensive. Almost as expensive as producing the film! We were able to secure an AMAZING DP/Editor with credits from BET, BET Her, etc. She is giving us an amazing deal...for $6,000 we will get editing and the trailer for the film. AHHH...an incredible opportunity.

Want to join this journey? 

Contribute ANY amount toward our Post-Production costs to our PayPal Link:


 Check out some of our photos from Production. Thank you all in advance! Let's reach this goal ASAP to spread mental health awareness via this amazing feature film.











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