Just what EXACTLY does LuLu B. Mean?

Happy Saturday from Shamanda "The CEO" of LuLu B. Inc,


Starting a global ecommerce business was not a random act. This business can be tough and challenging at times but totally worth the effort. Many customers have asked, "What does LULU B. mean?








My life was totally different BEFORE I became the CEO of LuLu B. Inc, Licensed Therapist, Speaker, Executive Producer and Writer. Approximately 10 years ago I was a High School dropout, Teenager Mother of 2, Government Assistance recipient, Domestic Violence survivor, and childhood illness survivor.


Through my personal and professional experiences, I know the benefits of healing and resilience. My aunt, Josie Mae Burston, passed away with Advanced Stage 4 Liver Cancer in August 2014. She was a recovering Alcoholic with over 17 years of sobriety. When I was a little girl she would call me "LuLu". I never asked why or where the nickname came from. Earlier this year I decided to research the meaning of "LuLu". According to multiple dictionaries, LuLu is defined as "any remarkable or outstanding person or thing". I immediately began to cry with joy and love for my aunt and any person recovering from addiction, abuse, mental illness, and trauma. We are truly remarkable people! My goal as CEO is to provide quality products that remind you to "Love and Like yourself because you are Beautiful AND remarkable."


As an added bonus and way to give back, we donate! 10% of our quarterly profits will be donated to shelters and non-profit organizations that are focused on helping and healing. I am a super frugal person and believe in the importance of saving and investing. Every time you Shop LuLu B. Inc, you are giving back and shopping for a cause!


We are not a perfect corporation and are constantly growing, tweaking, fixing, editing, apologizing and more! But know that we genuinely care and love our customers and supporters. We strive to make it right if and when we mess up...(We are human).


Check back for weekly blogs, newsletters (please subscribe for discounts/promos), community events and more!


Much love, peace and blessings,

Shamanda Burston
LuLu B. Incorporated


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