Look Mama! I made it...to LIVE TV!! Good Day Charlotte (FOX 46)

Heyyy ya'll!!


I am super excited about this week. I accomplished two MAJOR goals. First, I was interviewed LIVE on GOOD DAY CHARLOTTE (FOX 46). Yes, I know. I vlog weekly and share personal details of my life (goals, mistakes, etc.) but THIS, this was different. I was LIVE in front of possibly millions of people sharing my story. Ahhh...someone pinch me. Seriously! 



During my vlog (Working Wisdom Wednesday), I said "within the next 3 weeks I am going to do my first TV interview...I'm speaking it into existence." I was so busy that I didn't post the vlog that day. That evening (I still hadn't posted the vlog) I checked my email and there it was. An invite to interview with GOOD DAY CHARLOTTE! O.M.G!! 


I have received great feedback since the interview and I am grateful. I was nervous but was able to push through. My story of healing and the importance of #mentalhealthawareness requires me to be fearless. It's not about me...it's about the message that can save lives and prevent so many young people from a life of struggle and loneliness.


Push forward and be fearless! I appreciate you guys! :)


Please purchase my book via Amazon to help spread #mentalhealthawareness.



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