May 2020 - Mental Health Awareness Month!

  1. Shamanda Burston

    It’s a new month!! Wow! 2020 is flying by and unfortunately we can’t go outside 😩....BUT, it’s a great time to reflect and get to know ourselves. 

    As many of you know, I’m a Therapist (Mental Health & Addictions). I spent my entire 20’s counseling, assessing, and diagnosing people (clients/patients) in various settings (hospitals, prisons, community agencies, in-home, schools) it and I’ve probably did it 🤪. As I counseled others I also learned a lot about myself and endured (because it’s not easy) my own therapy (then I wrote a book). I’m currently writing movies and completing a certification in #cinematherapy (who knew this was a THING but I’ll tell you more about that later.) 
    This month is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and I want to lead discussions full of transparency and authenticity. 
    Join me! 
    Be sure to follow this page (personal brand); upcoming movie page @woundedhealermovie; book page @wounded_healer_book (Feel free to order to support) and Twitter @WoundedHealerz. 💚💚

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