Women's History Month 2021 x Mental Health Awareness (Control)

#WomensHistoryMonth x #MentalHealthAwareness 


A friend and I were talking about “control”. Man, I’ve learned a lot about that word in the past few months. As trauma survivors, control is something we seek because we lost it. Our situation rendered us powerless and left us with feelings of hopelessness. Many times, we allow a desire for control to become a liability. God gave me that revelation. Ugh, a tough pill to swallow 🥺 BUT, I asked God to bring forth the woman he wants me to be and baby...he is purging those “weak” spots. Since releasing control...so many amazing things have taken place in my life. First, less anxiety and stress. Although I still plan and set goals...my new motto is “your will, not mine.” Before every meeting, every email sent, each day my eyes open...I speak those words! Man, what a difference! I feel free and MORE secure! People are being sent into my life that I never imagined I’d work with and doors are closed to those I shouldn’t. I’m super excited and humbled. Btw...control. Is that an issue for you?! If so...release it. It’s simply an illusion Sis. Love ya! 💕

Shamanda Burston, M.A., Ed.S, LCAS, CAADC
Executive Producer| Screenwriter|Therapist|Author

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