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About LuLu B. Productions, LLC.

At LuLu B. Productions, LLC.  we specialize in the development and production of cinematherapy focused content. Movies, TV shows, web-series, commercials, etc. with a focus on healing and wellness. We encourage inclusion and diversity to represent the narratives of people of color.

Upcoming Feature Film


Empowering mental health professionals to seek help when needed so we can better serve our communities

 Bringing Visibility to the importance of mental health and counseling in Black communities via Film/TV.

 Wounded Healer is a feature film (book to screenplay) which brings visibility to the importance of mental health and counseling. It explores the behind-the-scenes story of a licensed therapist with past traumas related to sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood illness, teenage pregnancy, addiction, and family dysfunction that parallels those of her clients. When her life begins to fall apart, she is forced to further explore and seek her own healing, forgiveness, and self-care. Think OWN’S Queen Sugar meets Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. Wounded Healer will help spread mental health awareness, encourage the audience to heal his/her past and to promote and normalize counseling.

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