Biography: Shamanda Burston


 Shamanda is a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and Professional Counselor, Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Real Estate Broker, Executive Producer, Writer, and Entrepreneur with over a decade of combined experience. Although one would ask, how is she able to juggle it all? Simple! She is most passionate about helping people; she leverages her extensive professional career to be a problem-solver. Also as a Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Therapist, Shamanda provides professional counseling to those with mental health disorders, addictions, and other life challenges.

Shamanda is passionate about helping others heal and develop a sense of purpose and passion in life. She understands her purpose and vision in life and wants the same for her clients. As a speaker, she is dynamic at propelling people towards their life’s purpose and fulfillment through thought-provoking teaching. She uses her experience from the past as leverage to motivate and inspire them to unshackle from their current state of mind, overcoming obstacles, setbacks, and challenges leading to an epiphany at sort. On the other hand, as a consultant, her thoughtfully-crafted motto, “Helping people help themselves!” says it all. She has a unique capacity to help organizations and executive teams identify and implement the critical elements that matter most. Shamanda helps organizations, executive teams, and individuals gain clarity, increase accountability, and take action to advance rather than oscillating. Because she desires the best for them, she asks probing questions, synthesize quickly, offer critical thinking, and suggest creative, actionable solutions to solve problems.

Over the years, Shamanda has served in various leadership, community volunteer, and mentorship roles. She has presented at various professional conferences on topics such as cultural competency, trauma, mental health/substance abuse treatment, HIV, addiction and positive psychology. Her clients love her authentic, transparent, ambitious, and non-judgmental approach to solving their problems. Shamanda is available for speaking engagements, conferences, workshops, seminars, training, and consultations.


Shamanda has been featured in multiple NATIONAL magazines and press including RedBook Magazine, Carolina STYLE, COUNSELING TODAY, and more.


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